Glyca Rush Exotic Berry

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Intra and Post workout recovery formula muscle cell volumizing matrix.

Rush has been scientifically formulated to shunt muscle- building nutrients and electrolytes into muscle cells while training and the post workout period to stimulate muscular growth and to greatly increase muscle recoverability when used after intense physical exercise.

Rush will ensure rapid absorption of muscle building nutrients like Creatine, Glutamine, Taurine and the all-important BCAA’S(Branched Chain Amino Acids), which will ensure that you remain in a hyper- anabolic state and gain muscle mass after each and every workout.

Why Rush Pre-Workout?

Introducing Rush Pre-Workout (Winter Lemon Rush), the all new hard hitting pre-workout to optimize performance, pump & recovery. Rush is precisely dosed with premium ingredients at maximum dosage for your best workout yet.

Rush Pre workout is loaded with muscle pump-amplifying ingredients, 1500mg Of D-Aspartic Acid(Testoboost), 4000mg of NO2 Combination, Rivere Cutz/Caffeine 400mg and Glycerpump at 3000mg. This all in one

Powerhouse includes for fast acting, high- impact energy, intense focus and drive. Rush your body to its peak with Rush Winter lemon series.

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